John Hall profilePrivate John HALL
WWI 61289 – Army


Born on the 22nd October 1883 John “Jack” Hall was the 3rd son and 7th child to parents John and Emily (nee Tanner).

John left school at the age of 12 to work on the family farm “The Grange” in Edendale, which farmed Crossbred, Leicester and Downs sheep.  Prior to the outbreak of WWI John worked in the timber yard at Glenham Railway Station and for local farmers in the area.

John was aged 33 upon enlistment and commenced his duty on the 21st July 1917,  serving with the New Zealand Medical Corps until the conclusion of The Great War.  John was discharged from service on the 17th September 1919 having completed 2 years and 59 days service.

Most of the letters in this series are written to John’s eldest sister Mary (who married Alexander R. Ayson in 1900).  Letters addressed to Violet and Fergie are for two of Mary’s children aged 10 and 12 at the time.  The letters addressed to Bill refer to John’s eldest brother William.

In 1927 John purchased a farm near “The Grange” and married Annie Pryde, an Edendale School teacher.  In 1930 they welcomed the birth of their son Wallace Ramsay Hall.

On the 21st September 1964 John died at the age of 80.  He is buried in the Edendale Cemetery.

You can view John’s service record here HALL, John – WW1 61289 – Army